Chapter Fourteen: Existing Out of Phase


We’ve got a nice blend of Industrial Rock and Goth Rock this month, making for a very high-energy show. From metal-tinged tracks by Circle of Dust and Pitchshifter to unique takes on love songs from Panzer AG and She Wants Revenge, there’s a lot here to enjoy!  Send your listener submissions/ suggestions to!

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The Tracklist:


1 – “Stigmata Martyr” by Bauhaus from the album In the Flat Field (1980)
(Website (unofficial))

2 – “Chasm” by Circle of Dust from the album Disengage (1998)

3 – “The Beginning of the End” by HIM from the album Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666 (1997)

4 – “Insect/ Suspect” by Pigface from the album Easy Listening… For Difficult Fuckheads (2003)

5 – “Machine Gun GoGo” by Panzer AG from the album Your World is Burning (2006)

6 – “WYSIWYG” by Pitchshifter from the album (1998)

7 – “Take the World” by She Wants Revenge from the album Valleyheart (2011)

8 – “NWO” by Ministry from the album Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and The Way to Suck Eggs (1992)

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