Chapter Nine: The Ideology of Nothing


We’ve got some great music from classic artists this time around, as Justin and Ed share tunes from Die Warzau, Christian Death, Imperative Reaction, Ministry, and more. Get ready for some dance hall staples and a few that may surprise you! Bit thanks to Joe Moore for this chapter’s listener submission. Send your listener submissions/ suggestions to!

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The Tracklist:


1 – “Cyberdelia Non Corborundum” by Die Warzau from the album Engine (1995)

2 – “Take Me to Your Lover” by Goteki from the album Santa Muerte (2010)

3 – “Revenge” by Ministry from the album With Sympathy (1983)

4 – “Spiritual Cramp (The Mission UK mix)” by Christian Death from the album The Best Of Christian Death Featuring Rozz Williams (1999)

5 – “Scratch” by Contagion from the album Contaminant PCB (1992)

6 – “Soylent Green” by :wumpscut: from the album Music for a Slaughtering Tribe (1993)

7 – “CREEP-U” by Black Dresses from the album Peaceful as Hell (2020)

8 – “Giving in to the Change” by Imperative Reaction from the album Redemption (2004)

9 – “Red in Tooth and Claw” by Stoneburner from the Album Red in Tooth and Claw (2020) suggested by Joe Moore

4 thoughts on “Chapter Nine: The Ideology of Nothing

  1. You forgot Borgild from Die Warzau. Great show. Please put it on Spotify so I don’t have to remember to go looking for it! Start a Patreon too.

    1. Ah right! That was an extremely limited EP if I recall. Probably why we didn’t list it with the full albums 🙂

      I’m wondering if Spotify will accept the show since we play commercial music on it but it doesn’t hurt to try! Keep checking and maybe it’ll pop up, I’ll submit it now. Thanks for listening 🙂

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