Chapter Eight: Watch Your Ego Die

Photo Credit: Natalya Letunova

Justin and Ed are back for Chapter 8, and bring with them an impressive selection of tunes for your enjoyment. From goth classics by Alien Sex Fiend to brand new industrial bangers by Be My Enemy and Violent Vickie, this show will satisfy even your darkest desires.

Special thanks to Violent Vickie for sharing her new song “The Blame” from her forthcoming album Division! Click the bandcamp link below to listen to more Violent Vickie, and preorder the new album, due out September 2020.

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The Tracklist:


1 – “Night Riders” by Stromkern from the album Night Riders (2001)

2 – “The Angel of Anarchy” by Be My Enemy from the album All That I Love, I Destroy (2020)

3 – “Ignore the Machine” by Alien Sex Fiend from the album Who’s Been Sleeping in My Brain? (1983)

4 – “Please Remain Calm” by SKOLD from the album Never is Now (2019)

5 – “Oh My Goth!” by Razed in Black from the album sacrificed (1999)

6 – “Voices Of Doom” by MONO INC. from the album Voices of Doom (2009)

7 – “SS Deathstar Supergalactik” by Hanzel und Gretyl from the album Uber Alles (2003)

8 – “Too Late to Love You” by JUNEBUG (Ben Babbitt) from the album Kentucky Route Zero Act 3 (2014)

9 – “The Blame” by Violent Vickie from the album Division (2020)

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