Chapter Four: Brass Androids and Children’s Choirs

Quick Note: This chapter was recorded mid-March, when CDC guidelines still considered gatherings of less than 10 individuals appropriate. Future chapters will be recorded remotely until it’s considered safe to leave our homes again. Please stay safe, everyone!

Justin and Ed have returned with a unique and eclectic satchel of music to experience. Following the formula of Chapter 1, the pair share music from four genres: Synthwave, Steampunk, Intelligent Dance Music (IDM,) and Southern Gothic. Listen in and find out about artists like Steam Powered Giraffe, Dead Man’s Bones, Meat Beat Manifesto, and more!

The Arcane Machine was interviewed by online RPG site Bloodletting! Take a peek for some insight about your hosts and what’s in store of the future of the show!

We’re also very excited to announce our affiliation with The Belfry: A Home for Dark Culture! The Belfry is the home of excellent podcast Cemetery Confessions, plus interviews, art, and other podcasts rooted deeply in dark/ alternative lifestyles. Please check out their site, and we’ll be talking more about them on our next chapter.

The Arcane Machine is a monthly show with supplemental content on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord throughout each month. If you like what you hear, please visit the artists’ pages linked below and buy some music!

Special thanks to Bedroth for the listener-request song at the end of the show.

Cover Art: Kazuhiko Nakamura

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The Tracklist:

1 – “Looking for Tracy Tzu” by Carpenter Brut from the album EP II (2013)

2 – “Aphelion” by Scandroid from the album Scandroid (2016)

3 – “Suspender Man” by Steam Powered Giraffe from the album The 2¢ Show (2012)

4 – “Superhero” by Johnny Hollow from the album Dirty Hands (2008)

5 – “The Unprintable Word” by Meat Beat Manifesto from the album Metropolis: Rebirth 1.0 (2008)

6 – “Alberto Balsalm” by Aphex Twin from the album …I Care Because You Do (1995)

7 – “Ghost in the Sky” by Sparklehorse from the album Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain (2006)

8 – “Lose Your Soul” by Dead Man’s Bones from the album Dead Man’s Bones Featuring the Silverlake Conservatory of Music Children’s Choir  (2009)

9 – “Germs” by ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic from the album Running with Scissors (1999) requested by Bedroth

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