Chapter Three: Standouts 2019

Now that they’ve introduced themselves and played some of their classic favorites, Justin and Ed have decided to shelve the nostalgia for a bit and take a look back at some of their favorite releases of 2019. Whether you’re into industrial stalwarts Front Line Assembly, electropop icons The Faint, or retro-goth trendsetters Double Echo, you’ll find some excellent selections in this month’s show.

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Special thanks to David Everett for the listener-request song at the end of the show.

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The Tracklist:

1 – “Denizen” by Der Prosector from the album Egregiouser (2019)

2 – “Enemies Forever” by Blaqk Audio from the album Only Things We Love (2019)

3 – “Chameleon Nights” by The Faint from the album Egowork (2019)

4 – “Burning in Blue” by Double Echo from the album Burning in Blue (2019)

5 – “Echoes” by Children on Stun from the EP Echoes  (2019)

6 – “Guns at Last Dawn” by Combichrist (feat. Burton C. Bell) from the album One Fire (2019)

7 – “Wake up the Coma” by Front Line Assembly (feat. Nick Holmes) from the album Wake up the Coma (2019)

8 – “Control” by Kanga from the album Eternal Daughter (2019)

9 – “Deaf Pursuit” by Wingtips from the album Exposure Therapy (2019)

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