Chapter Forty-Three: Strange Memories of Death

Welcome to our annual October Halloween chapter! Each year, we choose a scary theme to celebrate the season, and this year is death. Justin and Ed spin some great tracks and explore how different artists treat the finality of life. We’ve got some big names in this one, ranging from Type O Negative to David Bowie to Wumspcut!

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The Tracklist:


1 – “Die in Winter” by Wumpscut from the album Bunkertor 7 (1995)

2 – “Your Funeral, My Trial” by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds from the album Your Funeral… My Trial (1986)

3 – “Wasteland” by Destroid from the album The Invasion (2013)
(YouTube Channel)

4 – “Dr. Online” by Zeromancer from the album Eurotrash (2001)

5 – “The Darlings of Lumberland” by They Might Be Giants from the album Nanobots (2013)

6 – “Red Water (Christmas Mourning)” by Type O Negative from the album October Rust (1996)

7 – “Danse Macabre” by Duran Duran from the album Danse Macabre (2023)

8 – “Lazarus” by David Bowie from the album Blackstar (2016)

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