Chapter Thirty-Six: The VGM Machine – Dark Subculture Music in Video Games

It’s no secret that hosts Ed and Justin each have their own video game music podcasts, so it was inevitable that their interests would intersect eventually! This month, they take a look at how industrial, goth, synthwave etc is used to create mood and atmosphere in video games. From the harsh industrial beats of “Prodeus,” to the electro-rock riffs of “Vampire: The Masquerade,” to a spooky Nick Cave-esque ballad from “Trüberbrook,” there’s a fantastic selection of music you may not be aware of!

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The Tracklist:


1 – “Mot​ö​rdrone” by Master Boot Record from the game VirtuaVerse (2020)

2 – “Disposal Unit (Imperium Mix)” by Jesper Kyd from the game Darktide: Warhammer 40,000 (2022)

3 – “Main Theme (Aggro Mix)” by Rik Schaffer from the game Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines (2004)

4 – “Then I’ll Make you Mine” by The Band from Another Place from the game Trüberbrook (2019)

5 – “Razorback (Unreal Mix)” by Peter Hajba from the game Unreal Tournament (1999)

6 – “Dystopian Dimension” by Andrew Hulshult from the game Prodeus (2020)

7 – “Obliterator” by Matt Creamer from the game Shakedown Hawaii (2019)

8 – “Mayheim I” by Akira Yamaoka from the game Silent Hill 4 (2004)

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