Chapter Twenty-Three: Mystery & Sanctuary

The last Chapter of 2021 gets very interesting very quickly. Ed’s selected a roster of industrial rock tracks that have ties to grunge from bands like God Lives Underwater and Kill Switch… Klick. Justin’s sharing pieces on the theme of sanctuary and safety from artists that include Covenant and The Cult. Topping it off, a listener submission that may just be the “most mysterious song on the internet.” Can our hosts crack the mystery? Probably not, but it’ll be fun to see them try!

Special thanks to Discord friend LonelyAssassin96 for sending us this chapter’s bonus track!

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The Tracklist:


1 – “Pro-Test” by Skinny Puppy from the album The Greater Wrong of the Right (2004)

2 – “I Close My Eyes” by Covenant from the album The Blinding Dark (2016)

3 – “Rearrange” by God Lives Underwater from the album Life in the So-Called Space Age (1998)

4 – “She Sells Sanctuary” by The Cult from the album Love (1985)

5 – “Watch Yourself” by Ministry from the album The Last Sucker (2007)

6 – “Stiff Kittens” by Blaqk Audio from the album CexCells (2007)

7 – “Produkt A” by Kill Switch… Klick from the album deGenerate (1997)

8 – “The Fragile” by NIN from the album The Fragile (1999)

9 – “Like the Wind” (possibly) by An Unknown Artist (aka “The Most Mysterious Song on the Internet”)

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